Stay with us this Autumn and enter to win a free overnight stay with a team of Paranormal Investigators as they research and explore our property, Scarborough Fair Bed & Breakfast.

Come along and celebrate the myths and tales of the dearly departed that call Charm City their home.  Baltimore is the final resting place of many but a few refuse to stay at rest.  The city is well known for several addresses where specters abound all year long.  However, autumn brings along not only a crispness in the air, but also an intangible feeling that makes any spectral sighting or tale all the more chilling.

The Dreadful Drawing

Win a chance to be part of an overnight paranormal investigation!

If you count yourself among those with a penchant for phantoms, and choose to stay with us in September 1 through November  30, 2012, you will be offered to enter our drawing to win the opportunity to join the Inspired Ghost Tracking paranormal investigation team on an overnight exploration of our Bed & Breakfast in 2013.

Scarborough Fair Bed & Breakfast

There are a few reportedly haunted shops and taverns right in our very own neighborhood and even a few of our guests have told us of their own personal experiences while staying here. Never fear, if we do have spirits, they seem to be of the benevolent variety.

We have had a spiritual medium stay with us who could not tolerate a particular room due to an overwhelming sensation of choking and breathlessness.  This was due to an older woman he felt had once passed in the room from a lung affliction.

A witch once stayed with us for a few days and kept having dreams of two young girls who had passed away many years ago, playing in the attic.  In her dreams they told her of their love for all of the people that come to visit the B&B. They found having the house full of guests from all over the world to be very exciting.

Guests have heard whispering, whistling, invisible guests walk past their doors and one guest was even touched on her cheek by a phantom hand while she was lying in bed. 

Another guest with the predisposition of being "open" to the other side said she was not alone in her room for the entire night. Rather she felt she was sharing the room with the presence of a nurturing and protective masculine spirit.   In her mind a gentleman told her not to be afraid, but that he stayed in the room she was in to watch over the property and meant her no harm.  She felt his warm and fostering presence throughout her stay.  Two other ill guests stayed in the same room at different times and reported to feel completely rejuvenated, spiritually refreshed and comforted while staying in the room, having never known the tale of the nurturing gentleman ghost.

These are but a few of our own ghostly tales.  Ask us for more during your stay, if you are brave enough.

We invite you to come explore our historic neighborhood and captivating city and perhaps you will find yourself among those precious few fortunate enough who have had an otherworldly experience, a haunting of to call your very own.

This page contains descriptions of:

Local Neighborhood Haunts

Take an approximate one hour guided tour through the ages in this historic journey, where the spirits of the past commune with the explorers of the present. Hear tales of murder, mystery and legend. Discover the techniques and the science behind ghost hunting while walking the old cobble stones and modern paved streets of this wonderful neighborhood filled with taverns, shops and restaurants, situated just 2 blocks from the Inner Harbor.

Some locals have reported places where known hauntings have occurred and eerily they are right down the street from our own front door.

Click on a pin in the map to read a description of the haunt.

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Historic Hauntings

Clips from Haunted History

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Fells Point

"Baltimore offers quite a few quirky tours, ranging from Segway-powered sightseeing to the kazoo-accompanied Ride the Ducks Tour, but our favorites are the ones offered by Baltimore Ghost Tours (410-522-7400), which provide spooky primers on two of Baltimore's most storied neighborhoods- Fells Point and Mt. Vernon. Led by costumed guides, the tours stop at haunts like Bertha's and The Belvedere, revealing the mysterious, supernatural histories of these landmarks." - Baltimore Magazine, August 2009

USS Constellation

Poe’s Grave:

Watch famed author Laura Lippman show you her favorite parts of Baltimore, including Poe’s Grave.

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