Enjoy your voluntourism experience with us! This exciting and fulfilling travel experience is fairly new to most people and is dramatically enhancing the memories of many travelers.


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Volunteer travel, volunteer vacations or voluntourism is travel which includes volunteering for a charitable cause. In recent years, "bite-sized" volunteer vacations have grown in popularity. The types of volunteer vacations are diverse, from low-skill work cleaning up local wildlife areas to providing high-skill medical aid in a foreign country. Volunteer vacations participants are diverse but typically share a desire to “do something good” while also experiencing new places and challenges in locales they might not otherwise visit.

Now, not only can you experience your destination through the eyes of a tourist, but also as a contributing member of our community to make the community you are visiting better than you found it! As an added bonus, Scarborough Fair Bed & Breakfast will donate 5% of your room rate to the charity you choose to volunteer with during your stay with us!

What are the benefits of voluntourism?

In addition to having a fun memorable and meaningful experience, your participants will:

  • Be inspired by their role in positive community development

  • Benefit local community organizations and causes

  • Build morale and group relationships

  • Raise public awareness of the group’s brand and commitment to social responsibility

  • Experience the local culture in a personal and memorable way

What kinds of projects can my group choose to do?

Here are just a few of the many options for voluntour groups in and around Baltimore:

  • Sort donated food, clothing and toys

  • Plant trees in nature reserves or neighborhoods

  • Prepare/deliver/serve food for meal programs

  • Plan and deliver a holiday party for children in a residential treatment center

  • Paint and beautify local senior centers or schools

  • Perform site maintenance for the home of a senior or disabled citizen

  • Support an animal rescue shelter by cleaning cages/caring for animals

How does it work?

Step 1: Reserve this fulfilling package with us no less than one month prior to your arrival date. We will then have BVU contact you to plan your experience.

Step 2: BVU staff will work with you to select a service project ranging from a few hours to a full day or more.

Step 3: BVU provides logistical planning and site support for you, ensuring a memorable and meaningful experience to last for many years to come and we donate 5% of your room rate to the cause you volunteered with during your stay with us!

Call or email us to make the special arrangements for this package.