It is with great gratitude and a bit of sadness that I tell you that Scarborough Fair B&B is now closed. Not for a few weeks, nor months, but for good.

For good also in that it means my husband Jeff and I can start a new life of being able to wear pjs all morning again if we desire. For good because I'll be able to wash our clothing any time I want rather than around the priority of laundering a dozen sets of bed linen and 24 sets of towels. For good in that, as my husband so eloquently put it, " tried it, now you don't have to wonder - most people don't get that chance."

He was speaking about my nearly life-long dream of being an innkeeper. Inspired by the days my grandma and I, at age 5 years, would play bed and breakfast and I would pretend to check her into her room, make breakfast, and I'd even use my crayons and markers to draw up little brochures. This was not because I'd ever visited one, I just kind of knew how to go about it.

I've been very lucky to live out this dream for over a decade. And though it has had many stressful and nightmarish instances, with more than a few deplorable guests and situations, these have been far outweighed by the greater number of genuine kind and appreciative guests who gave us gifts and offered a tremendous amount of encouragement and support.

Success in business is normally decided solely by financial statements. But in this business there are many other pieces to the puzzle. We've had over a dozen engagements happen under our roof with all saying yes to beginning a new life with their most precious person by their side. We've provided a sanctuary for those suffering from illness, heartache, and whose relationships were in need of some retooling. We've served countless pots of coffee to guests who needed that extra jolt to help them persevere through a presentation at a conference, a life changing exam, or a long work day ahead. We've learned a great deal more about cooking and baking, from gluten free items made fresh in house, to what to make for a vegan/gluten free/no soy dieter staying for 5 days. We've been a part of a number of weddings and have had a hand in making hundreds of lives just a bit better for a few days. We've learned that cardamom is one of our favorite spices. And we've learned that the customer is not always right and often they want only to be heard and acknowledged.

We've learned a ton. Helped more than a few. And for all of this I am eternally grateful.

Thank you to my family and friends for your support: for your time spent listening to me and your ideas and aid in decorating, procuring things to spruce the place up and sharing your own talents as well. And thank you to our thousands of guests who made our home your home as well for the time you were here.

We are sorry you will not be able to stay at Scarborough Fair any longer but there is another great home ready to welcome you as warmly as we have. Our friends at Rachael's Dowry Bed & Breakfast have great food and rooms and can do for you all that we've strived to do over the past ten years. And if you book with them in the next year you can choose either a complemintary bottle of wine or $15 off your stay by using code sfbnbwine or sfbnb15 at checkout on their website at This will hopefully take the sting out of our absence in your next trip to Baltimore and allow you an extra reason to come back to Charm City.

Thank you for the appreciation, the laughter, the memories, and the knowledge that we did a great job at making the everyday a bit better than the norm.

With heartfelt appreciation,


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Scarborough Fair is now closed!

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